Friday, June 26, 2020

Shane O

Shane O © 2020 NRWHenning
Shane O is a proud Western Sydney local and he considers perfection to be AC/DC concerts and the State of Origin series as one combined event. Even though AC/DC has never publicly declared a side they support during State of Origin, Shane O believes that it has to be the New South Wales Blues because of the band having considerable Sydney beginnings.

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Ricky the Hippie

Ricky the Hippie © 2020 NRWHenning
Born in Nimbin, New South Wales, Ricky awoke from a couch slumber to find the television on with the New South Wales Blues winning the 1985 State of Origin series. As the home had no electricity Ricky considers the experience to be a phenomenal trance, and that the NSW Blues posses both physical and spiritual characteristics. Ricky acknowledges that night to be his great awakening and he has followed the NSW Blues with peaceful and loving passion ever since.

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Leroy McKenzie Hutton Jr.

Leroy McKenzie Hutton Jr. © 2020 NRWHenning
Born and raised in Beaumont, Texas, Leroy McKenzie Hutton Jr. first became acquainted with the New South Wales Blues when he attended a cousin's wedding in Sydney, Australia in 1986. While in Sydney he watched on television each game of the State of Origin series, and was inspired by the three game sweep by the NSW Blues. Leroy returned to Sydney in 1989 to marry an Australian attendee of the wedding from three years earlier, and he has called Australia home ever since. He is proud of his Aussie life and the mighty NSW Blues.

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Johannes Larsson

Johannes Larsson © 2020 NRWHenning
Born in Vilnius, Lithuania to a Swedish father and a Lithuanian mother, Johannes Larsson started his modelling career at the age of two. He was also a junior world champion chess player and Johannes was a highly regarded basketball player through his teen years. He found himself modelling in Sydney, Australia where he attended the year 2000 State of Origin series. Johannes described the three game series sweep by the New South Wales Blues to be "Beautiful!" He claims the NSW Blues will be even more successful by making their official team song the pop and R&B single "Beautiful" recorded by Christina Aguilera.

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Captain S. K. Jamison

Captain S. K. Jamison © 2020 NRWHenning
Formally of Portsmouth, England, Captain Stephen Kenneth Jamison has called Sydney, Australia home since 1996. Having spent much of his career in Her Majesty's Naval Service the South Pacific Ocean quickly became his favourite with its sparkling, tranquil blue. Jamison watched on television the 1996 State of Origin Series and he instantly became a devoted fan of the New South Wales Blues. NSW won the 1996 series in a three game sweep, and Jamison remembers it fondly as, "Absolutely wonderful! Brilliant and thoroughly convincing!" Jamison considers the sky and navy blue team colours of NSW to be, "A most splendid combination."

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Sunday, June 21, 2020

June Balmain Tigers Book Writing Update

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The people voted overwhelmingly in favour to see the cover designs of my two Balmain Tigers books, as soon as possible. That Twitter poll was quite fun and I hope to do more soon. I appreciate the voter support very much, and the cover designs have been direct messaged and emailed to voting participants. As there is still plenty of work underway with interior text line editing for both books, I will wait a bit longer before the cover designs are publicly blog posted and tweeted.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The 1999 Balmain Tigers

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More than twenty years have now passed since the Balmain Tigers played their final season in the National Rugby League. The 1999 Balmain Tigers was a memorable group of players, coaches and staff. They played some good games, too.