Saturday, February 9, 2019

February Balmain Tigers Book Writing Update

I'm fairly sure my two Balmain Tigers books will be it for me as an author. Upon completion that will be ten books on my shelf. Each month I'm going to post at least one update to document some details of where I'm up to, and how I'm feeling about my final works. Not many authors plan their finish let alone document it, and through the long process I'm sure there will be some rewards. I'm struggling a bit at the moment in terms of making steady progress, but the wheels are slowly moving. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Michael Hutchence Inspiration

Michael Hutchence
The more I learn about Michael Hutchence the more I'm inspired by his talent and energy. I grew up with the sound of INXS, but I didn't fully appreciate how good they were because I wasn't a concertgoer and I didn't own too many music cassette tapes. The tragedy of Hutchence's passing in 1997 hit me and I didn't hesitate buying INXS albums on compact disc, and since then I've consistently maintained an enthusiastic interest. The books, interviews, mini-series and documentaries about Hutchence have all given me new insights of him. Some perspectives might be considered debatable, yet seeing and hearing Hutchence is a chance to look more closely at his life. I'm so grateful to all those people that shared memories and home videos of him. I'll never be a rock star like Hutchence,
but I hope my words and books will mean something to other people.        

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

No to an Australian Women’s Softball Book

Researching and writing Aussie baseball themed books is in the past for me, but I had given some consideration to a women’s softball book. My idea was to focus on the performance of the Australian women’s team at Olympic level since 1996. I attended part of the Softball Asia Pacific Cup in Sydney on February 2, and it was a lonely night watching international standard softball. The quality of softball was outstanding, but it was very much a family and friends atmosphere. People sat in their groups and there was no notable effort to welcome paying newcomers. Apart from signing autographs for children and talking with family and friends, the Australian team players were distant. I managed to generate conversation with a few players as some have baseball connections, but I went home thinking a softball book project would be dissatisfying for me. The amateur status of some sports is more about culture than it is about the standard of play.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Balmain Tigers Writing Prompt

I was having breakfast this morning in North Parramatta when former Balmain Tigers CEO Danny Munk parked his car right in-front of me. Today was scheduled to be the start of a week long effort drafting my two Balmain Tigers books, and one of my key interviewees just happened to appear before me. We had a chat and it's truly amazing how the universe can present helpful prompts.    

Balmain Tigers Legacy

Researching and drafting my two Balmain Tigers books has helped me further appreciate how much the club meant to me. During the 1997-99 seasons I rarely missed a home game and I made it to a reasonable number of away games. My passion for Balmain was extraordinary and I felt something like it toward Wests Tigers from 2000 to 2012, but it wasn't the same feeling. Now days my number one team is New South Wales Blues. My Balmain Tigers books will hopefully capture the energy I haven't been able to replace, and also contribute to documenting some of the club's wonderful history.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Writing Satisfaction

Drafting my two Balmain Tigers books is in motion and it's such a buzz completing a chapter. I try not to look too far ahead, yet seeing both books slowly fill out is wonderfully stimulating.       

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Commenced Writing

After a few months of research and interviews the day to begin drafting my two Balmain Tigers books arrived today. It feels great! Having written eight other books I can take confidence knowing I have a lot of experience with the process. The one expectation I'm going to fuel myself with is seeing these books grow. Completing each stage presents its own rewards.