Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Completion of Balmain Tigers Books

Balmain Tigers 1989 Grand Final
My current strategy drafting my Balmain Tigers books is to work on them regularly, but to not look too far ahead to help better manage my own expectations. That said, a number of people have asked me how long it might be until the books are in-print, and it's a fair question. I anticipate it will take another six to nine months before both books go live. Working on two books simultaneously is harder than I expected, and I usually only work on the drafts for an hour or two a day. I've been working on these manuscripts for nearly a year and I think I now have a good feel for their development pace.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Balmain Tigers Nostalgia

The Balmain Tigers played their final National Rugby League game on my twentieth birthday, which was August 29, 1999. Twenty years later I have never quite felt the same way about another club, but I did get on-board with Wests Tigers. We had Wests Tigers season tickets in my extended family from 2000-12, and the games at Leichhardt Oval felt a lot like Balmain times. By 2013 I was fed-up with the club having three to five home grounds and I didn't buy a ticket to a game again until 2019 for games at Bankwest Stadium. The joint-venture club has always struck me as a messy marriage and 2005 was the belated honeymoon, which probably fooled a lot of people to believe there was bliss at the club. Balmain had their share of hits and misses but home was one ground and that's the way it should be. I was at Leichhardt Oval for Balmain's final home game on August 14, 1999, and their 20-10 win over Parramatta was momentous because it was their last NRL victory. With the passing of time that farewell game at Leichhardt Oval in 1999 matters more to me than the Wests Tigers 2005 NRL Grand Final win.

Kerry Hemsley Interview

Kerry Hemsley Balmain Tiger
Today, I interviewed Balmain Tigers legend Kerry Hemsley. He has an exceptional memory and he loves Balmain with all his heart. Hemsley is possibly one of the most colourful personalities to ever play for Balmain, yet his attention to detail is a skill more people should know about. He expressed plenty of enthusiasm towards my books and I look forward to providing him with copies.   

Balmain Tigers Books Objectives

I have had my share of insecurities regarding my two Balmain Tigers books, yet as I continue to make progress my aims are more concise. 
I've decided the below is what matters most
For me, writing two more books gets me to my personal goal of ten. The fact the topic for both is the Balmain Tigers allows me to write about a club I'll always love. 
To contribute to the legacy of the club and many players is a massive honour. 
I want to celebrate the Balmain Tigers and for people to enjoy reading about one of the gutsiest rugby league clubs there ever was.

Balmain Tigers Courtesy

It is impressive how friendly Australian sporting culture can be. That said, I have been disappointed by Australian baseball. Baseball Australia and The Australian Baseball League dines out on the free services of people, and at times they have treated those people very badly. They use interns and volunteers, yet it costs nothing to treat all those people with respect. Rugby league has been around me my whole life and it's a tough game, yet thoughtfulness seems to be abundant. I've been working on my two Balmain Tigers books for nearly a year and I've found people associated with the club to be kind and honest. Retired Balmain players and former club executives have thanked me for taking the time to talk with them, and they have wished me well with my projects. They have also offered to help me with anything else I might need. I get the feeling they want my Balmain Tigers books to be all they can be and that means a lot to me.

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

September Balmain Tigers Book Writing Update

The first drafts of my two Balmain Tigers books continue to advance, but it will probably take a few more months before they are finished, and then off to editing. October will be one year since I started interviews for these works. I take satisfaction knowing a lot of work has been done on the books.   

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Monday, August 26, 2019